Total Rewards Marketplace® Privacy Policy

The Total Rewards Marketplace ("Program") is a secure web environment where members of the Total Rewards® loyalty program ("Participants") can earn Reward Credits® for shopping online at participating e-retailers ("Merchants") on the web. The Program is managed and operated by DBG Loyalty ("DBG").

DBG is a team of dedicated technology professionals that develop data enabled websites for consumers and businesses. DBG takes privacy and security very seriously. We know that these issues are critical to making the Program a success. DBG operates the Program in compliance with all known legislation and uses industry accepted privacy practices to maintain Participant's privacy. You may feel confident that DBG has taken steps to insure the privacy of Participants using this site. DBG will not treat information in ways dissimilar from what is outlined or disclosed in this statement.

The Information We Collect and How We Use It

We'll collect only the information we need to serve you. Your Total Rewards Number is necessary to successfully track your purchases and credit Reward Credits for qualifying purchases made through the Total Rewards Marketplace.

You may choose to provide your email address, which will be used for electronic communications to inform you of successful Reward Credits postings if you have selected the check box indicating your preference to receive these communications from the Program. You may change these preferences at any time; however, the successful Reward Credits posting selection option is stored with each order we track, therefore the opt-out of these communications is only applicable to future orders you place. To opt-out of communications, uncheck the applicable box on the My Rewards page. DBG uses return email addresses to answer the emails we receive. Your return email address is not used for any other purpose and is not shared with outside parties.

DBG Use of Total Rewards Information

Information on Program Participant activities is collected and accumulated in order to process Reward Credits and to continually improve the Program and Program offerings. This information is used in the process of posting Reward Credits to a Program Participant's Total Rewards account and is transmitted to Total Rewards specifically for this purpose. We do not sell your name or other private information to third parties.

Access to Information

Any personal information supplied to DBG by Program Participants is kept confidential and will not be disclosed except as permitted by express consent of the Participant or as required by law. DBG will not disclose information about Program Participants to third parties unless:

DBG may provide aggregated statistics to third parties or participating Merchants but only if this statistical information contains no personally identifiable information about a Program Participant.

For further information or clarification on these policies you may direct your questions to:
DBG Privacy Policies
2300 Valley View Lane
Suite 110
Irving, TX 75062

Use of Cookies

Program Cookies

Total Rewards members have the option of accepting a Program cookie. This cookie facilitates the Program Participant's ability to eliminate the need to log in to their Total Rewards account each time they visit the Program site. Cookies are small text files stored on the Program Participant's computer and are used by DBG for identification and to display and process Reward Credits earned in the Program. This cookie is used for no other purpose by DBG, and our use of cookies does not infringe upon your privacy. If you elect to not accept a cookie from the Program servers then the Program will require you to log in to your Total Rewards account each time you wish to start a Reward Credits-eligible shopping session at a participating Merchant.

Merchant and Network Cookies

As part of the shopping process it is necessary for DBG to be able to track your purchases in order to successfully post your Reward Credits earned through the Program. This tracking function is performed using cookies both from our affiliate networks and from many of the Merchants in the Program. Though the Program does not require a cookie to be placed on your machine from our systems, it is a required step in order for you to successfully shop and receive Reward Credits for your transactions. For more information on cookies and how to check if you have them turned on or not, please access the help system on your browser or access our FAQ on this subject for more information.

Participating Merchants

DBG reminds Program Participants and visitors that our site contains links to Merchants and additional resources we find useful. However, the Program does not have any control over other websites. These links will lead you to sites operated with different privacy practices. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information which you provide while visiting such sites and such sites are not governed by this privacy statement. DBG wants to caution our visitors and Program Participants that they should exercise caution and take the responsibility of reviewing the privacy policies applicable to other web sites you are visiting before providing any information, as we have no control over information that is submitted by Program Participants to these third parties. Participating Merchants may collect additional information to ensure an award transaction is tracked and reported including the use of cookies. DBG has no access or controls over the usage of these cookies or the collection and dissemination of additional information collected by the Merchant.


DBG may share information concerning transactions or personal information about a Program Participant to a participating Merchant for the verification of transactions made by the Participant. DBG may seek to verify that the transactions are qualifying and complete per the Program Terms and Conditions. DBG may investigate any suspected or reported cases of fraud and may, at its sole discretion, provide personally identifiable information including IP address, to law enforcement and to the courts in the course of seeking remedies in law or equity. Any suspected or known cases of Program fraud or a security breach of the web site/s should be immediately sent to:
DBG Privacy Policies
2300 Valley View Lane
Suite 110
Irving, TX 75062

Changes to This Privacy Policy

DBG may, at its sole discretion, update or modify this Privacy Policy on the Program web site. Notification may or may not be made of these changes.